25 Escape

Game Control

  • Jump
    High Jump


Help this cute Dog escape the warehouse in this challenging fast-paced adventure game!25 Escape is a fun, addictive and challenging escape adventure game that brings joy and entertainment to people of all ages.Poor Rover! One day the cute puppy went for a walk with his human, young Annie. However, he was separated from her. He searched high and low for her but could not find her. Mistaken as a stray, he was picked by the dog catcher. Now desperate to get back to Annie, he escaped from the dog catcher but found himself in an old warehouse filled with boxes. Now to make it back to Annie, he must escape the warehouse by jumping over the stacks of boxes. But that is easier said than done. The warehouse has 25 rooms that Rover must escape from; and each level is harder than the previous one. But be careful, Rover only has 25 lives, and once that number is up, it’s game over for poor Rover. Will he ever escape and make it back to Annie?

Categories & Platform: Unity Adventure & Action

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