Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom

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Danny Phantom is an Arcade game on hitfreegames.com in which you will become a hero in looking for some special gems. It originates from an attractive story that, Freakshow, the evil, demented circus maniac, has escaped with the reality gauntlet. To maintain the worlds sanity, this weapon of great power can not remain in his freaky hands. Luckily he has not found all the gems to fully operate it, but it is only a matter of time before he does. So you should go ahead at once to find the precious stones quickly. In this adventurous trip, you will encounter various risks, such as flame volume, robots with powerful gun, creepy ladies, and jump over different obstacles, like houses, cabinets. The red flame is harmful to your health and can reduce your energy; you should become a ghost when meeting this kin of light. The green flame can hurt the ghost, so at that time you shall return back to your human-being body. You can attack the robots in many manners by controlling the keys like spacebar and G. But the creepy lady is hard to kill, pay attention to her weakness and use different method to eliminate her. You have three lives in total and a life is lost when its red energy is run out. When you lose all the lives, you fail to win the game. There are many levels to play and whenever you pass one level, you can find a gem. What do you doubt about? Do it now to protect the world.

Categories & Platform: Flash Adventure & Action

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