Desert 51

Desert 51

Game Control

  • Aim/Look around
    Scroll weapons
    Zoom In/Out
  • Switch gun
    Toggle fullscreen
  • Tab key:


Battle Royale Desert 51 is a game that will keep you tense. Are you a crazy shooter or do you prefer to operate alone? The game takes place in the desert of Iraq. The first thing is to choose a server to play, or create one, then write your nickname. So don't wait to start playing a shooting games campaign. Create a server and play with friends until you shoot first person through battle-royale warfare. Talk in chat to make your online multiplayer game more fun as good shooters. The winner is the one with the greatest casualties. Get into Battle Royale mode and fight to survive in good multiplayer games. The winning team is 2 player games unlocked at least one soldier at the end. Enjoy playing this game here at!

Categories & Platform: WebGL Shooting Adventure & Action Skill Fun & Crazy

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