Jumb With Life

Jumb With Life

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Jumb With Life is an arcade game on hitfreegames.com. At the middle of a mud path, a boy wearing thick eyeglasses is playing with a rabbit. They are playing the game of rope skipping. But it is not a usual game for this rope is a 5000 volt cable. Flowers are blooming everywhere and green grass grows happily here and there. Clouds float in blue sky. All scenery is like a warm spring. But the game is dangerous and cruel. Do you want to save this lovely rabbit? You can press space button to let the rabbit jump and dont touch the 5000 volt Cable because the rabbit will lose its body parts. If the rabbit fails to skip the rope, it will lose its ear at the first time, and lose its arm at the second time. Blood will spout over ground until this rabbit dies. Yes, it is cruel. So go to help rescue the lovely rabbit now. Go!

Categories & Platform: Flash Skill

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