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Nothing is a free jumping game. This is a game about nothing. Not the Seinfeld kind of nothing but the nihilist kind of nothing. Do you like jumping, do you like nothing, do you think you can jump far enough away from the ground that you'll also avoid all the nothing down here? You can do it, but it's hard. It is a lot harder than you'd expect from the name of the game and the simple controls and cute gothic retro-bit animations. Just Jump. Just go, just do it. You can do it. There are a few tips and tricks but we actually wanna see if you figure it out for yourself. Part of the fun is doing and learning. And once you do and you learn you'll inevitably be able to jump your way to the top of the game and if you're good enough: the leaderboard. This is a game all about moving on up. Aim, jump, aim, jump, and don't let yourself fall back to the ground. You only get one chance at this endless jumping game and this is it. Don't waste it.

Categories & Platform: Html5 Skill Adventure & Action

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