Operation Shutdown

Operation Shutdown

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Operation Shutdown is a skill game on hitfreegames.com in which you will become a private detective. You have been hired by Willie Everlearn to surveillance his fianc, Jacqjeline. And you have been given a picture. Jacqjeline has red hair and brown eyes. And she is 28 years old. Willie suspects that Jacqjeline is cheating on him with multiple people while he is at work. Monitor her closely and get picture proof of what is really going on. In level one, you got a suspect, cable guy. Willie found a work order receipt from the cable company that had the words call me anytime you need help unscrambling your cables again at the bottom, along with a cell phone number. He suspects something is going on with Jacqjeline and the cable guy. You will try to catch her in the act. Snap a photograph as evidence before you run out of the electricity of your camera. Then you can move the level 2. And a police officer will be another suspect because Willie found a handcuff under the bed. Do you want to offer some help? Join it now!

Categories & Platform: Flash Skill

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