Ready Race

Ready Race

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Ready Race is a classic game on in which you will become a crazy driver. The playing area is in a city road with pedestrians and cars in different colors. You are a chauffeur in white shirt and steer a blue vehicle. Use your mouse to control your auto. Pick up icons like dollar to earn money, missiles to fire, and metal to increase shield. To kill pedestrian will also grow your cash. Hit the cars in the road into explode. You can hit one car to force it to hit another car and thus you can earn more money when they both explode. As you pick up missiles, you have to shoot armored cars. Watch it out. It is not an easy mission to eliminate the armored vehicles. So you have to operate it carefully. Youd better shoot the tanks and meanwhile hit them. In this way they will explode rapidly. The more tanks, cars and pedestrians you kill, the higher score you can get. Try it.

Categories & Platform: Flash

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