Sonic Boom Town

Sonic Boom Town

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Sonic Boom Town is a skill game on You are a crazy driver here. There are two key game-play elements in this game: driving around the city as fast as you can and destroying buildings with your in-car entertainment (ICE) system. To navigate, you have the aid of a map, descriptions of the next target and a way-pointer which will always point toward targets. The way-pointers length shortens as you get closer. Each car has a different driving style try them all. Maybe you will enjoy drifting and handbrake around corners or perhaps you will just wait the machine with the smallest turning circle. When destroying buildings, you may be able to destroy two at once. This will save time and boost your score. Use the arrow keys to accelerate, brake and turn your car. Advanced drivers may use the space bar to handbrake around those tight turns. Most importantly, the shift key will increase the volume of your HPLOD system to building shattering levels. Use this to destroy your objectives. And you can also select your favorite car style and color. Drive now!

Categories & Platform: Flash Racing & Driving

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