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Tricky Treats

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Tricky Treats is a Halloween-themed adventure game. A night out trick-or-treating turns into a manhunt for criminal candies! After you accidentally let the Tricky Treats loose from the witch's magical candy bag, you must venture into the neighborhood and solve puzzles to recapture them, in a variety of settings including the Pumpkin Patch, Corn Maze, Haunted House, and Cemetery. It's a game of exploration and observation, requiring wits rather than quick hands or fast reactions. The game features dry humor and entertaining dialogue from a variety of characters, including the Witch, the Trick-Or-Treater, and a few friends from beyond the grave. Find hidden secrets, such as the spooky sticker sheet, and gather all of the 100 collectible Treats. Enjoy playing this game here at!

Categories & Platform: WebGL Thinking Adventure & Action Fun & Crazy

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