Zombie Shooter 2 3D

Zombie Shooter 2 3D

Game Control

  • Aim/Look around
    Run (Hold shift key)
    Reload ammo
    Scroll weapons
    Zoom In/Out
  • Throw grenade
    Knife attack
    Switch weapon
    Inspect weapon
    Remove weapon
  • Toggle cursor lock


Zombies Shooter 2 is a zombie survival game. The zombies are back rampaging the town and it's a total chaos. You must rely again on the guns in your arsenal and eliminate all the monster zombies by shooting them. Choose weapon and switch any weapon you like to use. You can use limited number of grenades perfect for a group blast! Watch out for your health level and stay alive until you've finished all the zombies. Enjoy playing Zombies Shooter game brought to you by Y8.com!

Categories & Platform: WebGL Shooting Fun & Crazy Skill

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